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Bite Ball Valve AquaGlobe

Bite Ball Valve AquaGlobe - stainless Steel

• maufactured from one piece

The original AquaGlobe Bite Valve excels by the following features:

• up to 40 % less water wastage

• hygienic

• anatomically designed

• excellent and durable quality

• should be mounted horizontally (at snout level) or inclined by 15 %

No water spillage: The animal has to take the valve fully into its mouth to activate the ball valve. This prevents playing with water as with conventional bite nipple drinkers. Studies have shown that water spillage could be reduced by up to 50 % by AquaGlobe! Furthermore you will save costs for manure storage and utilization. Hygienic drinking system: There are no angles and corners where bacteria can gather. And what is more, the ball is self-cleaning by its turning movement. AquaGlobe guarantees maximum hygiene. Anatomically designed: Because of the special design of the bite nipple (round with pressed tip) and the use of a moving ball as valve plus the way it has been placed, the animal is able to drink more efficiently.

ref. no.


inlet / Ø drinker

use for


3 bar - III

223209 75 mm 1/2" - 1/2"

pigs up to 110 kg + calves up to 160 kg

1,25 1/75
223210 75 mm 1/2" - 1/2"


2,05 1/75