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Kerbl milk filters

Sana Disc Filters with Hole

• for milk strainer

• high-quality, food-safe nonwoven fabric

As a specialist in animal husbandry with a special focus, and decades of experience specifically in the dairy sector, the Kerbl Group has been selling milk filters for years with great success.

Our company has been producing both the sewn and thermally bonded milk filter socks using our own high-tech production machinery since 2017, in order to further optimise the product quality and to be able to react more flexibly to customer requests.

We also produce disc filters for cans under the Kerbl own-brand ‘Sana’, as well as milk filter socks. Sana has stood for the highest quality and reliability in milk filtration for decades and is also well-known far beyond the borders of Germany.

Product safety when in contact with food is always of paramount importance for Kerbl. This is why Kerbl pays close attention to carefully selecting the nonwoven materials and has them regularly checked and certified in terms of food safety. All milk filters offered by Kerbl meet these high standards.

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46770 220 mm 100 1/30
46771 300 mm 100 1/10