Block Bond Eco®

2-component latest generation claw adhesive

The two-component polyurethane adhesive Block Bond Eco® has been specially developed for hoof care and the safe and rapid gluing of wooden blocks with bovine hooves. Block Bond Eco® guarantees that the block adheres firmly to the hoof, giving the hoof enough time to completely heal. The main advantage is the high strength and the speed of application.

The patented Block Bond Eco® formula has no carcinogenic ingredients at all. This makes Bond Eco® one of the most user and cow-friendly hoof adhesives on the market.

The increased efficiency in hoof care, easy and fast application and the optimal cow healing support is of particular note in this new adhesive technology.

Experience the advantages of the latest generation of hoof glue

Especially fast

• makes your work really efficient

• processing time: 10 s / fixture time: 20 s / time to full load: 1:30 - 3:30 min depending on outside temperature

Very powerful

• exceptionally strong, permanent bonds

• highly reliable bond while healing takes place

Extremely safe

• no carcinogenic hazardous substances in the formula

• high health protection for users and cows

Fresh, premium quality

• German manufacturer Latest scientific research.

• high quality Fresh product. Highly durable.

Summer & winter

• suitable for all seasons, from 0 °C to +30 °C

• no crystallisation at subzero temperatures

ref. no.
Block Bond Eco® cartridge
200 ml 1/36
Additional accessories
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use for
Mixer cannulas, 12 pcs
1 1/10
Dispensing Gun for 200 ml Cartridge
1 1/5