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Calzogol Bolus

Calcium bolus (milk fever)

Cows with optimum calcium supply have a better start to lactation, are healthier and produce more milk.

• very high levels of fast and slow availability calcium (45 g) and vitamin D3 (40,000 I.E.) per bolus!

• calcium sources with varying release rates supply the cow evenly with calcium

• very well tolerated by membranes – no irritation of the mouth, esophagus and rumen

• no caustic calcium chloride

• easy application and economical – one bolus per dose is enough!

Feeding recommendation: Administer one bolus with the applicator as per the instructions when calving. If required, administer a second bolus approx. 12 hours after birth.

Dietary mineral feed for milk cows to lower the risk of milk fever.

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Weight / bolus

15980 175 g 4 1/8