Replacement Filter Pair for Respiratory Mask

• attractive blister packaging

• can be used with the ETNA 34535 half-mask

• combination of active carbon filter and particle filter

• the ideal partner for paint spraying, application and varnishing, but also for mechanical sanding

• comply with European standards 6055: EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008 A2EN140 and 5925: EN 143:2000 P2 R

The lifetime of filters depends on the humidity and temperature of the inhaled air, the chemical composition of the gases or the storage conditions.

This means a general lifetime cannot be specified.

Change the filter as soon as you notice the first unpleasant odours or inhaling becomes difficult as the filter has bonded together.

area of use
Filter Set A1P2
<5000 ppm (0,5 vol %)
Painting, pesticides
Filter Set ABEK1P3
<1000 ppm (0,1 vol %)
Manure, ammonia, acidic gases
ref. no.
Filter Set A1P2
2 1/16
Filter Set ABEK1P3
2 1/16