• the microphone allows signals and speech in the frequency range from 400 - 4000 Hz to be easily heard, ensuring optimum communication with the wearer's surroundings

• the sound event is muffled to 80 dB

• acts as normal ear muff hearing protection with an attenuation value of 31 db (SMR)

• soft, padded headband

• suitable for use when working with loud machinery, hunting etc.

• delivery includes 2 x AA batteries (1.5 V)

... recommended by professional associations in Germany!

Our hearing is a valuable, sensitive organ. Hearing is a matter of course for most people.

But noise-induced hearing loss rarely happens overnight. It builds up over time by any unprotected exposure to dangerous noise levels.

This is why appropriate hearing protection must be made available from 80 dB(A = at workplace), as irreversible damage to the sensitive auditory cells is possible from this point.

Wearing hearing protection is mandatory in the workplace from 85 dB(A).