MultiLED pro

LED light for lighting stables, riding halls, industrial buildings and warehouses

• optimal light distribution via individually adjustable modules

• excellent heat dissipation due to a solid heat sink

• high-quality materials for use in tough environments

• very high ammonia-resistant

• protected against powerful water jets and dust-proof (IP65 protection class)

• suitable for outdoor use

• with D marking according to DIN EN 60598-2-24, therefore suitable for areas at risk of fires due to combustible dusts or fibres (hay storage, feed, litter, etc.)

• direct or hanging ceiling installation with adjustable mounting brackets or eyelets

• incl. dimming function (can be controlled via a 1…10 V, PWM or resistance signal)

• with energy efficient SMD chips from Philips

In combination with the lighting control system (item no. 345000), it is ideally suited to help minimise energy costs, optimise the milk and growth output of the animals and increase comfort for both people and the animal

5-year warranty

The lights comprise built-in LED bulbs. The bulbs in the light cannot be replaced.
technical data
Luminous efficacy:
approx. 130 lm/W
Light angle (half intensity angle) per module:
Chip service life (L70):
> 100.000 h
Input voltage:
100 - 277 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Dimming function:
1 - 10 V, 10 V PWM, 0-100 kΩ resistance
Working temperature:
- 40 °C to 50 °C
Colour temperature:
5,700 K
Protection type:
Colour rendering (CRI):
Ra > 80
ref. no.
luminous flux
l x w x h
MultiLED pro 150 W
approx. 19,500 lumens
430 x 298 x 350 mm 1 20
MultiLED pro 300 W
approx. 36,000 lumens
580 x 298 x 430 mm 1 12