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Dog Calmer Ricko HB 100

There are lots of dogs who don't like to be on their own! As soon as they feel lonely, they start to bark or can even destroy your belongings.

Function: The dog calmer records a few words onto the device. As soon as the dog barks, the device plays the familiar voice and the dog calms down.

Before leaving the house, switch the device on and place it somewhere in the room that the dog cannot reach.

After you return, you can read from the display if, when and how often the dog barked.

You should record new words regularly so that the dog doesn't start to associate the recording playback with your absence.

• suitable for all types of dogs

• includes operating instructions

• 3 x AA 1.5V batteries not included in the delivery

It is common behaviour for dogs to bark sometimes.

However if they bark too much it is a nuisance and can lead to problems in the neighbourhood.

PetSafe® develops solutions for dog education. In an effective and human way they help to reduce barking to an acceptable level.

The enclosed guidelines and a training in an obedience school will educate your dog successfully.

Please take account of country-specific legal regulations.

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