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PetSafe® Bark Control Deluxe PBC45-13476

For outdoor use - works through ultrasound

This bark control device, for outdoor use and designed to look like a birdhouse, is an effective, gentle solution to help prevent your dog from barking in the garden.

The integrated microphone detects the sound of barking and automatically activates the anti-barking device.

An ultrasonic frequency which only the dog is able to hear is triggered.

• can be mounted on a tree, wall or fence post.

• suitable for all dogs (apart from dogs with deafness or hearing problems)

• may also be used for several dogs

• includes test button

• max. range 15 m

• dust and splash-proof

• programmable digital timer

• battery control lamp

• powered by a 9 volt block battery (not supplied with the product)

• detailed user manual for ease of use

It is common behaviour for dogs to bark sometimes.

However if they bark too much it is a nuisance and can lead to problems in the neighbourhood.

PetSafe® develops solutions for dog education. In an effective and human way they help to reduce barking to an acceptable level.

The enclosed guidelines and a training in an obedience school will educate your dog successfully.

Please take account of country-specific legal regulations.

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9 V alkaline block battery