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Insect and Fly Control

Chemical Insect Control

Fly maggot killer Larvanon 50 SP *

Larvanon is a water-soluble powder (SP) and contains a growth inhibitor that specifically acts on all fly larvae. It can be dispensed in liquid form using a backpack sprayer or watering can. Due to the high content of cyromazine (50 %) in the concentrate, Larvanon is extremely economical (1 gsm)

• suitable for cattle, pig and poultry accommodation

• quantity for all methods: 10 g HokoEX per 10 m² fly breeding area

Spraying process: 10 g in 3-4 litres of water delivered with the backpack sprayer

Watering can method: 10 g in 10 litres of water delivered using the watering can.

Treat every 2-6 weeks depending on the number of flies; can also be used in occupied stables.

What do flies have in common with an iceberg? You can only see 20 % of them! The remaining 80 % are in the form of eggs or larvae in slurry, manure or similar places where they are able to develop unhindered into flies. This is why it is important to fight a fly problem at its root, in its larvae. Larvicides should be used for the entire season. Adulticides are designed to kill adult flies, but also all crawling and flying insects.

* Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!

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