Cit Bremsentod (horsefly killer) protective spray *3 of 10Cit Automatic Spray *


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Insect and Fly Control

Cit - Insect Control

Cit Cow Bomb *

• for spraying onto the areas preferred by flies and insects

• has a deterrent action, paralyses and kills

High quality natural pyrethrum ineffective thanks to its immediate knock-down effect and kill effect. Fast action is guaranteed, there are no known resistance problems to this natural product. Objects treated with pyrethrum discourage insects and drive them from their hiding places to attack them directly. Pyrethrum is considered by scientists to be safe for humans and (warm-blooded) animals and even accumulates in nature and in the food chain.

* Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!

active agent

Piperonyl butoxide

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15437 400 ml 1/12