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Insect and Fly Control

Cit - Insect Control

Cit MicroCaps

• a new and micro-encapsulated insecticide

• is thinned with water and brushed or sprayed onto walls or floors

• the active ingredients are slowly released from the polymer-coated capsules into the environment

• effective for up to 6 months

• capsule shell protects the insecticide from degradation due to light and oxygen, meaning the long-term effect is achieved

• upon contact, the capsules adhere to the insect and act immediately

• we recommend using 100 ml Cit® Microcaps concentrate per litre of water for smooth surfaces

• for 500 ml floor area

Long term protection up to 6 months

High quality natural pyrethrum ineffective thanks to its immediate knock-down effect and kill effect. Fast action is guaranteed, there are no known resistance problems to this natural product. Objects treated with pyrethrum discourage insects and drive them from their hiding places to attack them directly. Pyrethrum is considered by scientists to be safe for humans and (warm-blooded) animals and even accumulates in nature and in the food chain.

* Be careful on using biocides! Before application always read usage instructions!

active agent

Natural pyrethrum



Piperonyl butoxide

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