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Moisture Measuring Devices

Grain-Moisture Level Reader WDN 1B

• this portable device can be used directly in the field

• suitable for measuring moisture levels in grain, rapeseed, corn and other grain crops

• programmed in the factory for 30 types of grain:

Rye, wheat, quality wheat, wheat rye, summer barley, oats, buckwheat, broad beans, yellow and blue lupins, feed peas, field peas, rape, beans, maize, sunflower without shells, sunflower with shells, rye-grass, red fescue, white clover, small beans, runner beans, mustard, millet, soya, sorghum, flax, white rice, wild rice, coffee beans

• the device is characterised by ease of use and fast measuring results display, precision and reliable operation

• may be calibrated by the used meaning that the measurement values for a chosen product can be changed to a specific value, making it easy to adjust to individual requirements

• battery operated

• DLG-tested

Weight: 1050 g (with dosing device) Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 11.5 cm Energy supply: 9 V battery Energy consumption: approx. 12 mA Display: LCD display, alphanumeric, 2 x 16 digits

Temperature measuring range: 0° to +70° C Accuracy of temperature measurement: ±1° C Accuracy of humidity measurement: 1 % (in range up to 10 %) 1.5 % (in range up to 20 %) Working temperature: 0° to +45° C

ref. no.

29355 1/14