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Dairy Farming

Dietary and Calcium Supplements

Calz-o-Phos Liquid

• for the intensive nourishment of cows with calcium and phosphorus before and after calving, especially for cows with high milk yields

• contains 59 g calcium and 45 g phosphor

• does not harm mucous membranes and absorbs easily

• does not contain any caustic calcium chloride!

• dosing: 1. bottle 24 hours before calving 2. bottle after calving 3. bottle 12 hours after calving 4. bottle 24 hours after calving

Calcium & Phosphor Booster

Mark of quality for feeding stuffs of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association.

Farms taking part in the program “Offene Stalltür” (“Open Barn Door”), commit themselves to using only feeding stuffs bearing this mark. This is to guarantee these farms’ general safety regarding animal feeding stuffs. Agrochemica quality products are also GMP+ and QS certified.

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1597 500 ml 4 1/4/20
15975 5000 ml 1 1