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Dairy Farming

Dietary and Calcium Supplements

Agrolyt® Powder

Electrolyte powder for calves and piglets

Diet supplement agent for calves and piglets for stabilisation of the water and electrolyte management in fodder-related digestion problems (diarrhoea).

The electrolytes contained support the channelling of supplementary water through the intestine wall. The organism is filled with water, the tissue gets the optimum tone and vitality increases.

• to protect from the dehydration effects of diarrhoea, transport stress and heat

• for lack of appetite and unwillingness to drink

• for regulating the blood pH value and the buffering capacity

• 2x daily, dissolve 50 g of Agrolyt in 2 litres of warm water

Regulation of water and electrolyte balance in the event of diarrhoea

Mark of quality for feeding stuffs of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association.

Farms taking part in the program “Offene Stalltür” (“Open Barn Door”), commit themselves to using only feeding stuffs bearing this mark. This is to guarantee these farms’ general safety regarding animal feeding stuffs. Agrochemica quality products are also GMP+ and QS certified.

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