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Dairy Farming

Dietary and Calcium Supplements

Calz-o-Phos Bolus

The dietary supplement feed to reduce the risk of milk fever. The Calz-o-Phos bolus contains a high quality combination of various calcium compounds for optimum care.

• one 80 g bolus contains over 22 g calcium

• with Vitamin D3 to support calcium absorption

• also with magnesium and phosphorus

• easy to administer with our introducer (Art. No. 2129)

• as a nutritional calcium boost to reduce the risk of hypocalcemia

• to increase calcium and phosphorus in the feed ration after veterinary calcium infusion

Feeding recommendation:

1. Bolus 24 hours before calving. Earlier in the case of strong milk production. 2. Bolus directly after calving. 3. Bolus 12-14 hours after calving. 4. Bolus 24-28 hours after calving.

Recommended feeding duration:

1st bolus 2 hours after the infusion. 2nd bolus 12 hours after the infusion.

begin at first signs of parturition until 2 days after the birth.

Feeding note:

do not give to downer animals!

It is advised to seek the advice of a veterinary surgeon before use.

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

Mark of quality for feeding stuffs of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association.

Farms taking part in the program “Offene Stalltür” (“Open Barn Door”), commit themselves to using only feeding stuffs bearing this mark. This is to guarantee these farms’ general safety regarding animal feeding stuffs. Agrochemica quality products are also GMP+ and QS certified.

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