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OviNet Profi

NEW: Extra-durable fibreglass poles, easy handling due to a small post diameter and weight reduction. Perfect sturdiness for your network.

• height 90 cm

• Length 50 m

• 14 sturdy fibreglass posts

• electrifiable horizontals through 3 x 0.20 mm stainless steel conductors per strand

• increased conductivity thanks to the use of 5 Niro wires and a tin-plated copper wire in the topmost wire = 20 times more conductivity than standard netting. Especially well suited for use with several nets in a row.

• strengthened, energized upper strand

• welded knots

• galvanised ground spike on plastic stake with plastic step

• head insulator and ground stopper make self-loosening of the wire virtually impossible

• we offer a 3-year warranty against UV damage for all plastic wires.

Recommended by experts!

Fast and simple connection with Litzclip®

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OviNet Profi, 90 cm, single prong with step

1 35

spare post

1/50 200