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Sheep netting with ground spacing

The newly developed EASY NET with ground spacing is easy to assemble and disassemble. Work is made simpler in particular by the very light, but extremely robust and durable fibreglass rods with step and steel nail. The spacing from the ground makes mowing possible and easier (as a rule, the animals eat the grass under the netting themselves), which significantly reduces power loss through grass growing around the netting. The shock effect is therefore significantly increased. This has been proven to good effect in extensive field tests. Thanks to the ground spacing, the Easy-Net is extremely easy to replace in comparison to traditional nettings with strands along the ground, which are easily overgrown.

EasyNet uses AKO TriCOND conductor wires, resulting in very low resistance = very high conductivity. The netting is 50 m long and contains 15 fibreglass rods. Colour of TriCOND strands: yellow / black.

• with additional black vertical bars every 90 cm

with reinforced black vertical bars, spacing 90 cm

Fast and simple connection with Litzclip®

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EasyNet, 105 cm

1 40

Spare Post

1/50 400