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Probicol®-L Paste

Paste to increase vitality and when at risk of, during or after digestion disorders (diarrhoea).

• increases lamb vitality in three effective ways:

- strengthens the immune system

- actively stabilises natural intestinal flora

- quickly available energy

• contains valuable natural immunoglobulins from colostrum

• safe dosage by administering with the help of an injector

• allows for easy and economic administration to individual animals (especially for bottle-fed and multiple lambs)

• the lambs are more stable and recover more quickly

Feeding recommendation:

Feed 20 ml (1 injector) immediately after birth, for problem calves another 20 ml on the 3rd and 7th day of life. Feed 20 ml morning and evening at the first signs of digestive disorders until the condition resolves.

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15758 6 x 20 ml 1/10