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Pig Breeding and Farming

Dietary Supplements

Vitamulgol® Liquid

• liquid feed supplement for various livestock species

• for short-term vitamin supplementation in demanding situations (e.g.: changes to diet, rehousing, birth, after illnesses etc.)

• ideal as part of a nourishing diet in difficult housing conditions

• feeding recommendation:

In the case of increased performance requirements such as stabling, feed change and stressful situations, maximum daily feed to:

• instructions: Vitamulgol® can be mixed into the water bowl or the feed

• preferably feed pure to horses, cows and sheep: orally by the spoonful or with a dosing syringe (without needle)

Vitamin Booster


2 ml

1 rabbit

3 ml

1 lamb

5 ml

1 foal, 1 sheep, 1 calf

10 ml

1 horse, 1 cow, 100 chicks, 1 breeding sow

20 ml

10 piglets

25 ml

100 laying hens

ref. no.


15773 500 ml 1/12