Cutting Disc P63 of 5Abrasive Disc Standard


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Claw Care

Abrasive discs

Cutting Disc SuperProfi

The latest generation of cutting discs, developed with hoof trimmers for hoof trimmers and experienced farmers!

Directly soldered carbide blades on a compact 90 mm metal disc with optimised radii provide excellent abrasion, very good handling characteristics and low vibration!

The cut material is removed gently and quickly by the disc using specially shaped recesses without accumulation.

• highly efficient hoof care disc with all-round features

• extremely compact ergonomic design with optimum mass ratios

• the radial extension of the carbide tips allows experienced users to work on defective points in the claw wall, permitting hollow grooves to be made

• conical design of the body back, permitting good entry into the gap between claws

• carbide blade made from the finest grain alloy with improved durability allows the processing of up to 1,500 pairs of hooves (prerequisite: no stone inclusions!)

• cutting height: 3.0 mm

max. 1,500 clawes

Developed with professional hoof trimmers!

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16309 90 mm 1/50