Electric Prodder AniShock PRO 15008 of 10Electric Prodder Master Shock PRO 2500 rechargeable


Restraint and Control

Electric Prodder

Electric Prodder AniShock PRO 2000

• with automatic shut-off 1 s

• long battery service life thanks to low energy consumption

• min. peak voltage 6000 V

• best performance even in case of extreme temperature fluctuations or wet animals

• electronics are fully protected against dirt, dust, aggressive vapours and spray water (IP 45)

• with buzzer sound for psychological effect

• on/off switch ensures that the trigger will not be activated accidentally

• equipped with break-proof polycarbonate shaft of 71 cm

• total length 98 cm

• exclusively for use in animal husbandry as per applicable animal protection legislation

• delivery incl. 4 batteries (Baby C LR14)

• 2-year guarantee

• do not use under water!

• keep away from chrildren!

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AniShock PRO 2000


Baby (C) Alkaline batteries, 4 pieces