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Animal Defence Spray Pfeffer KO FOG

with patented panic lock

The ultra-tough Pfeffer KO for protection against attacks. Effective against all types of animal.

• contains 11 % natural, highly aggressive pepper concentrate (OC)

• disables attackers immediately

• easy to use and effective

• with handy belt clip

• anyone can buy, no proof of age necessary

• spray mist up to 4 metres

In an emergency, spray into the eyes and mucosal tissues. Do not use at a proximity of less than 1 metre. Do not spray into the wind.

In the event of accidental contact, flush the eyes and face with water and cool until the symptoms subside.

Available for delivery from mid-April 2016

Important: Pfeffer KO is an animal defence spray. It is also effective against humans, however it is not licensed for this in Germany!

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